20 Oct 2021 - 8:30am to 1:00pm

Venue: The Concert Hall

Our "Better You, Better Business" event at Reading Town Hall aims to help people and businesses in Reading to make positive choices around health and wellbeing through engaging in physical activities, health screenings, relaxation sessions and informative workshops.  This event is tailored to suit your needs and include as little or as much interaction, engagement and education as required to help make a positive contribution to your wellbeing at work and at home as we come out of what has been an incredibly challenging period.


There are a multitude of workshops throughout the morning all focussing on the wellbeing of staff, including - Building a work culture to enable creativity, team work and wellbeing; Switch Off - How to switch off, protect your health and improve your productivity and creativity; Learn Mindfulness techniques to reduce stress, build resilience and improve your mental well-being; What’s good for you is good for the planet; Recognizing and dealing with stress; Your desk Vs Your Body; The Gut-Brain Connection; Mental Health Strategies for business; Common children’s sleep problems; Brains vs KPIs; Identifying stress in yourself and your team; Are you Managing or Leading Change?; Employee mental health awareness, plus many more.


Ticket numbers are restricted and charged at £10 per person, all proceeds will go to No. 5 a community- based organisation offering counselling and support to children, young people and those around them.