14 Jun 2018 - 7:30pm

Venue: The Concert Hall
Tickets: £20.50, £17.50, £15.50

Including works by Chilcott, Vásquez, Saint-Saëns, Lennon & McCartney and more...

Great Music Must Shine
The King’s Singers want to take you on a new musical adventure to celebrate their 50th birthday. It’s an adventure that gives thanks for all the music that’s defined their first fifty years, inspired by the unique maverick spirit that guided the original six King’s Singers to keep every performance as fresh and varied as possible. The current singers still share the original six’s mission today: the future of music deserves to shine as brightly as it can. This is about savouring the amazing diversity of music and musicians in our world today, holding up composers, songwriters and singers of all kinds side by side to create something truly special.

Come and join us for the ride.

Pre-concert talk 6.30pm
The Town Hall FREE